Rustic Winterland Fashion: Ariel

I'm not sure at what point or degree unit it's considered "winter," but in my fantasy head -- a fuzzy vest, boots, and a blanket completely classify as winter. And maybe we didn't get hit with Snowmageddon 2011, but this is why I love what I do -- you create and pretend.

Since leaving Atlanta and moving to Phoenix, I've had an ache to do a fashion shoot again. Yes people, aching. Dramatic? Perhaps. But I can't put into words how much this is my element...

Model: Ariel (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink

Is it me, or did this kind of make you think of Where the Wild Things Are? Anyway, this is only the beginning!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! I had this idea to create this rustic winterland photoshoot, I contacted a photographer (Michelle Herrick), and from there magic just started happening :) :)

I'm finally warming up and ready to take on this year! Let's do this :)