Rustic Winterland Fashion: Ariel II

Isn't it funny how a wardrobe change can completely transform the feel of a shoot? If you look at the first set and compare it to these... it's almost as though it went from Rustic Winterland to Rustic Safari :)

Looooooove this one!

Model: Ariel (The Agency AZ), Styling: Whitney Alexandra, Make up: Kristy Brown, Hair: Michelle Fink

It's my first time working with a stylist and I can't believe how much I've been missing out! I was inspired by the clothing at ThreadSence and Whitney completely executed the idea with the clothes. Now, if I could have some of that magic for my closet... that would be fantastic.

Anyway, I love and appreciate y'alls feedback! Now we'll be moving on to the other models and later show some behind the scene shots too :) Get excited!