Husband and Laundry

When I first typed the title, I wrote "laundray." Really? Hey baby, check on the laundray for me. My typing alone entertains me sometimes!

I will admit -- I can go a good 2 weeks (maybe even more) without doing laundray. (Ok, I'm just going to LEAVE it there every time I type it -- but you have to imagine me saying it with a southern drawl. Laun-dray).

Jose tosses his shirt in after just wearing it once! I only do that if I was doing some heavy sweating that day. I wouldn't have clothes if I washed them that frequently.

Which means that HE runs out of clothes much earlier than I do = no motivation for me to do laundry. So I will admit that Jose has done our laundry more than I have. And the other day when I went to grab some socks, I pulled a pair out of my drawer and upon pulling them apart, they looked like this:

Let's just bypass the tiny sock. I have small feet people, and remember that ankle socks STRETCH. The point of this image is the obvious difference in size between the socks. I don't know why he thought these were a pair, but somehow my husband paired them up and I just cracked up when I saw the odd pair together.

However, I'll take this over a shrinking or stained shirt any day! I can't say we've had a major laundry catastrophe. Have you? I'll just hold on to these socks and see if their partners appear out of limbo some day :)