Spain: San Sebastian

It's what he does -- what he's really good at: planning. For our honeymoon, Jose and I went to Spain. SPAIN! Jose planned every city we would visit with Rick Steves' book as our European bible. And we didn't just go for one week or to one city... we went to ... 7? Our first stop (and one of the longest) was Barcelona.

The next stop was San Sebastian. We hopped on a train, slept, read, and arrived to our rainy, chilly destination. San Sebastian has a beautiful beach, but I gave Jose those eyes of "Don't even think about it." By chilly, I mean 50 degrees -- 50 degrees + bathing suit + water don't mix well with me. However, wrapping myself up in a blanket on the beach, with a good book -- that's my thing. Jose doesn't consider "reading" a vacation activity. Luckily the waves put him to sleep and I quietly pulled my book out of his backpack, like a mouse trying not to get caught stealing some cheese.

That's just what San Sebastian was to me. A moment to act like an old couple. Or watch old couples -- there were SO many! Clearly the retirement party was happening here.

But Jose made sure there were at least a few adventures we explored. That's just how he is. Something must be explored BUT planned :) And I am always up for an adventure.

I'll have to save it for the next post! Jose wants to have lunch and my hair is still sporting my turbo-twist towel. Have a fabulous weekend!!