Hollywood: Wax On

On our way to this....

I saw a lot of these...

After some very LONG, winding roads... we made it!


Of course we also visited the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater with the feet and hand prints.

Cher wore heels to hers! Holla!

Next was Madame Tussauds wax museum!

Simon was around for a quick audition. I dunno Vladi..

Slightly creepy, right?!

This one was strictly for proof of wax gums gone wrong:

Baby, it's wax.

Oh. Wait... this one too?

Like good ole' times.

I don't know what to say for myself..

OR the man that I married.

Speaking of married man... I'll have to share part 2 of the trip later! There's some ironing I have to do. Let me share a bit of insight on how the Vidals make marriage work.

There are some tasks we compromise on, some we share, and some we just do for ourselves. Ironing is one we do for ourselves. However, in our marriage -- we accept each others' bribery. Oh yes friends, bribery is not off the table. I was promised TWO massages from Jose per dress-shirt I ironed for him! My mom would be ashamed of me for not just doing it out of the kindness of my heart. But how could I turn down that offer after 2 hours of dance and 3 hours of volleyball?! No, actually, this just goes to show how much he hates ironing. My back is completely okay with that!

Happy Monday :)