He writes!

This little man of mine

I'm gonna let him shine...

So, my only reservations about announcing this are the potential secrets my husband might leak about me. He's already spreading rumors that I'm in a reading cult. And with that my friends, I present you Crooked Frames -- by Jose Vidal ... the sunshine in my life and the salsa to my eggs :)

No, but seriously.. he's a great writer. And he doesn't suffer from the syndrome he has diagnosed me with: ESL. Tis' the life.

And check this out!!

I can't hold grudges against the man who bought me my FIRST tablet for Christmas! Now, remember -- I'm NOT a DRAWER (is that word right? ugh, come on ESL-- don't fail me!). I had fun with this and didn't really have a plan (like always). I was pretty proud of myself for my first try :)

I'm loving how you can just use your handwriting on photoshop. You can probably expect me to start writing on a lot of photos now, haha.

So show my hubby some support or give him a hard time and check out his blog! :)