Newborn Twins: A Christmas Gift

Get ready to feel the Christmas spirit.

Right after the little teaser I gave y'all last week, I went straight to work on a little something I wanted to make for my cousin Maggie (mom of the twins). I didn't finish until the day I was leaving for Phoenix... so what better way to send this gift than by surprising her and the family?!

I am SOOO excited to share this with Maggie & Daniel -- and that you guys can be a part of the gift too. I promise this will put you in the Christmas mood! (Watch full screen if you can and make sure it's loaded all the way first!).

Don't you just want to hold them now?! Seriously, it's a good thing I had to leave Dallas at some point because I could have probably kept going. Max and Alex had no way to defend themselves and say "stop with the paparazzi!"

Just picture Maggie and I running around Wal-Mart for Christmas props.

Or you know... Max could just use what he has and pose all GQ on me...

I know you don't believe me, but I PROMISE I did not pose his arm like that. No, for real. Maggie trains them young. Wait till' you see their older sister!

But I can't say the same for these... :)



Max again :P

And this is their older sister, Alyssa. Her and Alex are the actual twins!

Am I right, or am I right about the posing? The camera always loves her. And so do I :)

Daniel with his boys (cue the 'awww's!' ;). Love, love, love it.

What can I say... they're a good looking family all around!

Merry Christmas :)