My Wedding: Getting Ready

Here it was... the wedding day. Not the rehearsal, not the night before, but the day OF.

The first thing I had to do was get my make-up done. Ren, a friend of mine and professional make up artist brought some gifts to me that morning....

*All photos by the amazing Raya Carlisle

How sweet is that?! My first "Vidal" item! :) :) Followed by my social security card, license, and bank accounts. But clearly this one is much cuter :)

Then it was time for the family to rally around my hair! Aunt Jane and Sacora came over around 7 so we could get my hair done.

Then Ren and Claudia dropped me off at the venue (which was only 5 minutes away), so I could get dressed there and prepare myself for the "First Look."


This is when the emotions started to surface. Jose left me a gift and card with his mom. It was so cute because her eyes were brimming with tears as she handed me the gifts.

We were all fanning our faces to make those tears stop!

I remembered the moment before Jose proposed to me that he had handed me a beautiful parchment paper with a poem he had written. I had already realized he was getting ready to propose at that point (sailboat, Billie Holiday, sunset, poem, HELLO!) and the words started to blur towards the end because so many emotions were running through me. The excitement and NERVOUSNESS (gosh, I was so nervous!) did the same thing when I read his beautiful card.

He gave me a pearl bracelet which I asked Jose's mom to help me put on.

Haha. Perhaps her glasses would help her see past the tears we both had :)

I was ready to put on my dress after that. Jose's mom and sister, Autumn, were there to help me put it on and that was SO special to me!

Unfortunately we forgot to bring some crochet needles! The lady at the wedding dress store had told me that would make it much easier to loop the string around the buttons. So Autumn and Mama Nels had to figure it out with their hands.

And they worked it out! Soon after, my bridesmaids started showing up and visiting me...

You can't see my face in that photo, but I could hardly say a word because the emotions were only getting stronger. Seeing my close friends from Atlanta made me feel so grateful that they were there for this amazing moment in my life.

"Okay! It's time to see Jose!" Oh-my-Lord. What?! But I'm not ready!!! I'm so nervous!!!

But the moment was here and it was time for the first look... :) Love that I can share these with y'all and hope you'll join me for the next (and MOST emotional) moment! Who am I kidding?! I was an emotional mess (with many others) -- just ask our guests!!