I'm on Vay-cay, k?

So here I sat for about... um... 4 hours -- watching the Harry Potter marathons while holding the 5th book in my hand, attempting to read it during commercials. *Drops head in shame* Yes, I am one of those people that watched the movies even though I wasn't done with the books. Look, the movies have gotten increasingly better and my reading had dropped off at the 4th book. My own guilty conscience has forced me to pick up the 5th book so I can try and finish all of them before this summer. Don't hold me to it.

Point is I've been indulging in complete laziness since arriving to Texas yesterday. I was exhausted from the trip and slept in the same room as my mom who was SNORING because she's stuffed up from a cold = not good sleep for me. I won't even mention that Phoenix decided to have a SUMMER fest at 79 degrees today while Dallas greeted me with 50 degrees! OH! And get this... my grandmother didn't RECOGNIZE me!! I have never had my bangs cut like this so when she first saw me she kept asking my cousin where "this girl" came from. !!!!! Fifteen-minutes later she's like "Ahaaa!" and throws her arms up to hug me. Abuela, I love you, but don't scare me like that again!

Figured you could join the laziness on this Sunday night ORRR Monday by checking out some fun links I've collected from this week:

Baby bellybutton!

I have REALLY been wanting a nude-peach-pinkish lipstick for the winter and will have to check out this $6 deal.

Ha! Speaking of ex-boyfriends. Imagine? (Via Cup of Jo)

Seeing someone wearing this on the street would truly crack me up :)

Talk about wurrrrking sweat pants!

There's so much about this that I love. The colors, the field, the horse...

Jose and I bought some dried figs and I've been putting it on sandwiches. YUM. I even tried it on a belgium waffle with cream cheese. You can always try a bite version :)

I've been into gold jewelry these past few months (not REAL gold -- just the color ;), and wouldn't this polish be PERFECT?! (also via Cup of Jo) New Year's outfit, anyone?!?! If only I could find the perfect sequin top.

What a cool ring!

I flipped out when I got this Christmas gift early from my husband. Oh my Lord. Okay, so maybe we had already gone into a Steve Madden store and I fell in love... but he surprised me by *actually* getting them on Cyber Monday and receiving them before I left for Texas!

What do you want for Christmas?! Boys are so hard to shop for.

p.s. My Aunt: "Can you believe they closed the highway for 6 hours?! Even the lane... the umm.. HBO one was packed because everyone had to go through it!" My mom and I: "HBO?!" *burst into laughter* Me:"HOV, tia!!" Aunt: *slaps forehead* "HBO?! I really AM getting old!!" Don't know whether to blame the English or the age. Or the wine, hahaha. Love my family :)