Bellas: Hair & Make Up Shoot Part II

I'm back in Phoenix! As soon as our flight got in, Jose picked my brother and I up at the airport. Jose and I would keep smiling at each other and I was trying to figure out why he looked so different when I was only gone for 10 days! Aside from a haircut, there's wasn't any change -- but I couldn't stop staring at him!

We came home and showed my brother our place and his new room. After a quick dinner I changed into my practice clothes and had to head to the dance studio. We have our huge Christmas party this Saturday night with over 10 performances!

But I couldn't leave y'all for the weekend without a post! Especially because I am incredibly anxious to show you the full sets from my visit in Dallas. I want to catch up before the Holidays bring on more hectic-ness :)

Like I mentioned in Part I, this was a collaboration between 2 other photographers (Chris Blaisdell & Tammy Siever) and I. However, the sun was going down so we split up and did our own thing with each girl.

Alyssa was actually the first one I photographed! And look at that gorgeous profile :)

And Kendra was the second one....

I loved how Alyssa had a bohemian look and Kendra had a completely opposite, evening, look. Lauren did awesome with their hair & make up!

Beautiful, Kendra!

Right as we were starting to leave and the sun was setting, Alyssa was helping me carry my suitcase. I saw the fence and I stopped in my tracks and yelled "Wait Alyssa!! Stay right there!"

I grabbed my stuff from her arms and posed her near the fence. Loooooooooooooooved it!

You have to take those moments without thinking twice! And can we just say "amen" to natural light?! Amen.