Jose Vidal: Discovered

Haha... like the title?

Like I mentioned before, the price of being married to a photographer is that you will appear in front of the lens many times. Test shots, experimental shots, photoshoot ideas, etc. Lucky for me, Jose is quite the model! Not the same results when I need help crafting hair pieces... but I'll take what I can get :P

Somehow, I was once again shooting at NOON on the dot. There is no desire in me to shoot at this hour, in fact I avoid it at all costs. But I had time restrictions, so I did what I could. This is when you make your model wear sunglasses.

Love this shot!

We left the mountains to head to some thrift stores and buildings I spotted on the way...

When I saw this place, I thought: GOLD! Jose, pleeeeease get on those chairs! We dart out of our the car, I set my camera exposures first with some test shots, then yell "go!!"


Though I have to admit -- it didn't look like anyone was going to kick us out anytime soon. So we kept playing :)

My friend Lauren in high school always made comments about masculine hands and how much she loved them. I was like "ew, veins and bulkiness? ... I dunno." Jose has masculine hands. I get it now, Lauren! Who knew how much character hands could add? Besides opening impossible jars.

I'm a lucky girl!

Thanks for dreaming with me, love :)