Babies & Children: Natalee Johnson

Don't you love how she spells her name?

Let's give you a dose of cuteness on this Monday:

I told you! Cuteness overload..

With her daddy...

and with her grandparents!

I hope this makes you want to reach out and tickle those little toes!

Just look at those gorgeous eyes...

Beautiful girls!

You have to see how Bethany and Kylan love on Natalee. When they make her laugh, she has the cutest spit bubbles! You know you're adorable when your spit makes people go "awww." And as individuals, Kylan and Bethany are a blessing to get to know.

In case you didn't have enough pink or cuteness in your day -- now you do! Thank you Bethany & Kylan :)

p.s. I don't know how many of my readers create slideshows of their clients or their own children, but I have FINALLY put a small collection of the SWEETEST baby songs. I am NOT talking about "I Hope You Dance" or some other old school song. While I'm not trying to hate on Ms. Womack (I realize some oldies have associated memories), the times are changing and there is amazing talent you have to dig for. I suppose it's a personal preference, but I've gotten a lot of positive comments from parents about the music I choose and decided, why not share it? You can see examples of my videos here.

I was going to post it on a Photography Forum online (Open Source Photo) instead of my blog, but it will depend on the reader's response (since I don't know how many of my readers are actually interested in baby songs :). Give me a head's up if you'd like me to send you the list of artists and songs via comment or e-mail! Do you have a baby song you love? :) Happy Monday!