My Week

There are a few thoughts running through my head right now: sleep, I think I'm hungry again, it's past midnight again, Hell's Kitchen is so dramatic, and ... photography :)

Thought I'd give you a quick recap of my week in photos.

(Jose is doing this RIGHT now as I type this! Ha.)

Apparently there's a leak in the unit upstairs which caused our bathroom wall to start leaking = needing repair. Fortunately we're renting so the management company sends their workers to fix it. Unfortunately they were a PAIN to communicate with and didn't reinstall the things that they took down to break the wall open.
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Do you see THAT photo of us?! So, Jose leaves for work in the morning right before I wake up. He'll come say bye and give me a kiss before he leaves and today was no different. However, I vaguely remember him asking me "does this look ok?" this morning. Apparently I asked "what color is that shirt?" (I am BLIND when I first wake up!), and he said "purple." Half-asleep, I told him it looked great.

Fast forward to me getting dressed this morning and I don't remember a THING about that interaction. As I'm picking out what to wear, I think to myself "it might be a little cooler... I'll go with a warmer shirt." I pick out my PURPLE shirt (even though I have a red one JUST like it) and GRAY jeans.

Jose came home today and when I sat on the couch with him to talk, I looked at his outfit and my eyes grew SO big. Purple shirt, gray slacks. "NO WAY!!! Are you kidding me?!" Apparently he hadn't noticed either and just starts laughing. The first thing he says is "you better change!"

I'm not going to lie -- this has happened before. The funny thing is that he got me a girl-version of his favorite graphic t-shirt from threadless, and one day we both wore the shirt on the same day. It was the SAME shirt! Today's similarities was just ridiculous. Either way, one of us always ends up changing.

And this last photo? A sneak peek of one of the babies from this week's photo session. Look at that arm!! Don't you just love baby rolls?! I can't wait to share these with you, along with a toddler who was SOO sweet with me!

Okay, okay. One more.

It's a little fuzzy but I love his EXPRESSION! You actually can't see one of his beautiful features: his eyes. Just wait. He's got some beauuutiful blues!

So that's been my week so far! Isn't the outfit thing crazy?! Maybe it's more common than I'm thinking, but it was definitely a good laugh when we both came to that realization today. Has that happened to you?! Aaaalright. Time for bed!