Heart of Many Colors

To be honest, I was kind of avoiding this post. I felt guilty because in the back of my mind I KNEW I had said I would post my notes on Jasmine Star's workshop. Little did I know I would end up with 4 word documents of notes!

Fortunately, I'm an organized note taker! Though Jose might refer to my note-taking as an "organized mess." Looking back on these notes a month after the event is really refreshing! For those of you starting a photography business, those who already have one, and even those who simply have an interest in photography will walk away with a LOT after reading these notes. Goodness, this woman is gooood!

Let's look at the topics I will cover from the workshop:

A J* Wedding Walk-Through: Literally a walk through of Jasmine Star's workday
Roles of a Second Shooter: The Dos and Donts of Second Shooting
Posing & Lighting: Ideas and tips for posing your Clients
In J*'s Bag: Jasmine breaks down what lenses she uses for the wedding day & why
Marketing & Branding: You just don't want to miss this. The MEAT of photography business
The Business & Wrap Up: Some brief guidelines on business strategies & a last over-view on what we learned.


So, Happy Halloween!

We are having a "mask" theme Halloween party tomorrow night and let's just say my costume is an interpretation of that. You'll see. Unlike last year, I waited last minute this time and most of my costume will be DIY! Ha. I'll definitely share it with you after this weekend :) Just cross your fingers it turns out okay.

I love listening to Sara Bareilles and while I was listening to a particular song of hers, I was inspired to do this:

Jose is helping us out at Cornerstone for the Fall Festival on Sunday where we're setting up a photo station for families to have formal portraits of their kids' Halloween costumes. Anyway, I found this photo of me when he was getting some test shots on my camera yesterday and decided to play with it. Haven't done a graphic project in a while and GEEZ -- I forget how time consuming they can be!

Let me know if you're interested in the Jasmine Star note write-up so that I know whether to post all of those topics, or only 1 or 2. Have fun this weekend! If you're dressing up, I'd love to hear about it! And seriously... I just can't get myself to spend more than $20 on a Halloween Costume. Talk about pushing creativity.. :)