Babies: Declan Handley

Thirty minutes away. That might not sound like a very far distance, but to Jose and I -- we were considering not attending Cornerstone (church) because of how far it was. Having just moved here, I heard about Cornerstone online and it reminded me a lot of our very-missed, old church in Atlanta -- Buckhead Church.

After a couple of visits, we liked it, but didn't have any solid feelings about it. Until they came a long. Who is they? Well, we signed up for small groups almost immediately because we were excited to meet other married couples and connect on more than a social level. We didn't hear anything back that first week, so we started to consider trying a new church. Then...

Two weeks later we got a call from Kristin Hanson. You'll hear more about her later (here's a peek at her cutie). She invited us to their small group and all it took was one visit. We were hooked. The funny thing is that we had made plans to visit another church, but Jose and I didn't want to leave our small group. We decided to stay with Cornerstone and our decision was affirmed the more we attended! The worship service is incredible!!

I met Katie at our small group, along with her husband Mark, and baby Declan. They invited us to lunch one day after church, and they were a reminder of the amazing community Jose and I have received from our group. I'm definitely lucky to have met a group of amazing women who I can grow with here in Arizona. Obviously it wasn't very long until I got that cutie Declan in front of my lens! He has the BEST coo's! You'll notice that in the photos the way his mouth curves it's "coo's."

Unfortunately Mark was out of town for work, but I'm sure we'll have another round when Declan is a toddler with all three :)

I don't think Katie was expecting me to share this one...

but too hard to resist! ;)

His faces truly cracked me up! I'll give you my interpretations:

"Um, whatever was on my tongue -- not good. Is it sill there?"

There may or may not have been squealing when I uploaded these two on my laptop..

Beautiful :)

Hi there :)

And the coo's!!!!

"Did... did you just squeal? She's a strange one, this girl."

Thank you Katie for sharing these moments with me and allowing me to share my own passion with you and Declan.