Babies & Children: Joshua Hanson

I heard Sophie's high-pitched barks as I walked up to the door. When I walked in Kristin was scrambling to grab the tiny dog and keep her from waking Joshua up. We had wanted to eat lunch before starting the photoshoot while Joshua napped, but Sophie had plans of her own. Luckily, Joshua seemed unbothered by Sophie's cries.

Kristin is our small group's Martha Stewart. She loves to bake, she's crafty, and she's always taking care of us (usually involves food ;). Her and her husband Derek lead our small group and have the most hilarious toddler -- Joshua. I was pretty excited to do a session with her and Joshua on her fall break because he is old enough to play, get in trouble, and act like most children over the age of 1: chaotic! However, children -- unlike newborns -- require trust. They can't see you as this scary adult that is stalking them with a big, boxy gadget in front of your face. Otherwise they'll just keep running away from you! God has blessed me with an obsession of children and babies, so even if I didn't have a camera, I'm pretty sure I could spend hours with Joshua just playing. Most kids think I'm just a taller kid, which makes sense because I'm definitely a shorty ;)

Here he is waking up from his nap. I LOVE, LOVE how he's only covering one eye. Curiosity and shyness at it's best :)

I had a little helper following me around...

When it was time to eat, Kristin asked him to pray. How can you not LOVE children when you see this?!

I LOVE what I do. Drooling, combining clapping with praying, soggy diapers, an even soggier kiss, plastic microphones, wispy hair, a soft belly, cookie crumbles, the similarities between child and parent, and the smallest moments of absolute bliss. These are the moments and details I want people to remember...

Yes, this one stopped me in my tracks:

And that was my beautiful day with Joshua Hanson :)

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