Tape or No Tape

I'm starving. This is what happens when I get inspired by a photo. I end up spending almost 3 hours on it because I just can't pass the idea up and end up skipping lunch in order to FINISH.

But let me start at the beginning.

Before reaching hunger, I was going through my set of Barcelona photos. Mind you, I divided my Spain pictures by each city and I'm STILL on the first city we visited. I hit the "break dancing" set which is basically a slew of photos I took of these break dancers on the street.

I was so excited about some of the poses I captured that I thought "Surely I can do some crazy editing with this." Sure, anyone can, but the real question is: "Can I do some GOOD, crazy editing with this?" I knew what would help me: PSDTuts. They are my mentors for my lack of formal education on graphic design. I have the desire, but I don't have the foundation. So if any of you have lunch to skip, photoshop, and 3 hours -- try one of the tutorials out! This is the one I did, but obviously changed it to my own style.

Here's the original with no touch up or editing:

Align Center

Then on photoshop I did this:

Then I transferred it to Lightroom to bump up the blacks, cool it down, and basically add intensity for my final result:

Question: Keep the tape? Or no?

I love mixing the clean "Barcelona" typography with a scribbled cassette on the bottom. The cassette is a tribute to the old school -- to the funk one dances/breaks to. But, stylistically, does it take away from the overall image? The tape might unbalance the bottom...

What do you think?!