My recreation :)

While my palette still lingers for Spanish bread and patatas bravas (which the patatas, I'm ashamed to admit, should be the last thing I miss :), I have been pretty excited about the new kitchen Jose and I finally have. I cannot begin to tell you how much we hate crappy knives. Since leaving home, I've lived in either a college campus, or rented. For some reason, even after having a full time job, I couldn't justify spending hundreds on a knife set so I just used what was available. Though I admit Jose has given me the "do's and don'ts" of 'expensive knife' use (along with the new pots & pans) that made me really hesitant about using these knives incorrectly.

So as I sat with boxes around me, tired of unpacking, I managed to feel inspired to cook something fresh. After scanning the refrigerator I knew I was limited, but I had very key ingredients: chicken, mango, avocado, FOOD PROCESSOR (this is a highlight for me), lime, and other miscellaneous items. I can't believe I almost forgot this one: a George Foreman Grill. Pathetic because I could afford this before, but just never got around to buying one. Why?! It makes the BEST sandwich melts AND cooks chicken so fast, leaving it's delicious grill marks. So when I came across this post on She Eats Bears, I hopped over the boxes and yanked out the new goodies.

I admit I had to learn the following:
1) Roast tomatoes in the oven (well)
2) Cut mango into squares

Along with cutting the mangoes, I managed to cut my pinky. Like I said, I'm used to crappy knives. I was a little too aggressive with my slicing, and did not realize expensive knives cut mango skin like SILK. Yep, cut my pinky like silk too!

The results? GREAT!! You can see my home-made avocado dressing is more of a home-made tomato dressing because I only had one avocado and 3 tomatoes. That happens. She doesn't specify measurements in this particular dish, but let me just say it is worth a shot. Mango goes SO well with chicken salads, especially with a smoky dressing. YUM. Note that I didn't have almost half of her ingredients but it still worked.

Did I mention we don't have plates yet?

Who cares? We have A/C! We'll get around to the plates this week...