So far...

She scrunched her nose and said "really??" with clear disappointment in her tone. My heart sank. I love my cake toppers. I told you about them before -- you know, those cute little wooden figurines, customized with so many cute details. "They're just... little and too playful." My Aunt shrugged and threw her arms up in a slight defense "BUT this is not my wedding and of course I have other ideas of what a wedding looks like. I guess I pictured something more elegant."

And you know, that has been the extent of negative opinions so far. I do consider myself lucky that my family for the most part has respected my "quirky" flair in wedding planning. Though my insecurities still creep up because I have a huge problem with wanting to please everyone. Um, yeah. Learn quick: that CANNOT happen in a wedding. Pick something large, for example: food. Will a majority of your guests love it? Great! Let the rest go and do what YOU love.

You guys!! I'm so exhausted right now. I got back from Houston a few hours ago and have so much to update you on!

I had a mini bridezilla moment. Okay. It wasn't really bridezilla-ish, but it was the first time I confronted a vendor about something I didn't like and didn't back down. Weddings are funny that way. You're supposed to juggle making it "your" day while still being conscious of others involved and pleasing different parties (but again, to a certain extent).

The hair -- ahhh!! I had my first hair trial and that is a post on it's own. I also contracted a cake vendor, so whatever happens, you guys are having cake. YES, it will be tres leches (cue the confetti and hoorays).

I can't believe it's coming up so soon!!!! I'm excited and exhausted and nervous. I guess I should go to bed now. Any suggestions for dark circles under your eyes? I get them really easily when I don't sleep well and I doubt I'll be able to sleep the night before so I want to do something that will alleviate that. Yeah, make up can cover it up -- but is there any mask or "thing" I can do to make them feel refreshed that morning?? Help!!