I suppose since I'm not "excited" to be leaving, that's a good thing, right? I think I just recycled well over 300 pages, full of 2 years of notes, doodles, and questions. Somehow, four little burgundy, foil-wrapped, dark chocolates stared back at me inside of my pen container. I forgot about you guys. My little "sugar" stash. And now, I'm rushing to finish the last details of our office's website before I depart. My last day.

And in one month from today exactly -- I will be married.

I mean, how much symbolism can one day have? I'd like to say my "last office job" in my life because I have wrapped my legs around, literally clinging, my dream of going full time into photography once I step into Arizona. But what if God has other plans before that? Or during that? There is definitely the idea that I will be doing other things along with photography until I'm well established. Though I don't think it will be in an office.

While I'd like to devour the 3 remaining dark chocolates at this moment, I have papers to shred, hair to pull out of my head, and yellow heels that have to march across the parking lot to my little dented car in preparation for today.

Regardless, I have a wedding dress, an officiant, a venue, food, and a photographer. Oh yes. And the groom. So my hair may be a little crazy and the cake may or may not be a surprise -- but in one month, I'm getting married dagnabbit. Is that how you say that word?! Cause clearly I can't speak English well. Ask my fiance. He'll just tell you to have me say precision. Pruh-zi-shion. Sounds about right to me! When will he learn that I'm having his kids one day and guess who they will most likely sound like? Hmph.;)