La Colcha

For a while now, I had been craving fajita meat -- but specifically, the kind they sell at Hispanic meat markets that prepare the seasoning for you. My mom made these often when I was in high school, and still does when I visit.

After church yesterday, Jose and I decided to venture and find a local market to make them for dinner that night. I made a quick phone call to my brother to look one up online (since we were on the road and NO people, we are still technologically in the stone age without a smart phone that leads us to making sibling calls in the middle of the day for internet requests) and we found one with some good reviews! I bought a pound of meat, avocado, limes, cilantro, flower tortillas, jarritos, plantains, and a tub of homemade salsa.

This is how my mom makes them and I prepared it the same way: Dice tomatoes and onions in a bowl (green for me!), add lime juice and sprinkle some salt and top with cilantro (extra for Jose). Cook the meat, heat tortillas on skillet, and in the mean time I also was preparing some fried (sweet) plantains. Make a meat taco with your tortillas and fajita meat, scoop the tomato mix on top, add some chopped lettuce & sliced avocado, drizzle homemade salsa, and something my mom and I always do --- drizzle some more of the lime juice from the tomato/onion mixture into your taco.


I'm telling you. Google a local Hispanic market, ask for "fajita preparada" (that means prepared fajita meat). One pound in Spanish is "una libra." When they prepare it for you, it is SO easy to cook! Literally, throw on the grill or skillet and cook. You just have to "dress it up" with the condiments to make it uh-mazing.

Then this happened:

Jose spent the night last night. Our a/c hasn't really been set to our Spring weather, so it has been quite warm at night. Jose gets hot very easily so he ends up getting up a lot in the middle of the night to drink water and cool off. At some point, I wake up and say "just take the thicker blanket off and sleep with the sheets only."

However, I woke up and said this in SPANISH to him. To which of course he responds "What?" and somehow in my dazed, sleepy state, I realize I said this in Spanish, and stumble through my English translation. Hahaha -- woooow. I don't know why I woke up and said it in Spanish first, but I must say -- those fajitas took me way back to being home that I wasn't even talking English now.

So try it. You might wake up in the middle of the night saying something to the effect of "el sudor debe de ser por casi tragarte dos tazas de salsa!"

What does it have to do with weddings? Well, this week I am posting something on marrying Hispanics and would love your opinion/thoughts on it :)

p.s. Did you try translating that? ;) Jose, if you're reading this -- don't cheat! Put your translation in the comments (or your best attempt at making one up ;)