Day 83: Batter the Chocolate

Sometimes I can't stop. I question whether I should forget about the oven and just eat the entire batter myself. Warning: Don't ever bake a cake hungry. Will that stop you from licking/eating/inhaling the batter? No, but at least you won't end up consuming about 2 cups worth of it. You might be strong enough to stop at one.

Doesn't that have raw ingredients?!
I look at Jose with a furrowed brow "Such as..?" The EGGS! They're not cooked.

We're not talking about meat here. I mean, plus, don't athletes stick 2 raw eggs in their protein shake or sometimes just drink it down without anything else?? I'm here to tell you that if you ever questioned the "raw" ingredients: I survived. And not just "I licked the spoon" survived... I'm talking I looked liked a dirty, starving child who lacked coordination in her hands to eat the batter.

That's about how happy I was.

And if THAT is not enough -- I'm coordinating with my (returning) guest contributor Brandy Wade for THIS interpretation of chocolate:

"I think of how my Mother and I would fight battles of will then form our own special peace treaties over chocolate ice cream. It brings to mind sweltering summers back in Texas where I would sneak a fudge-cicle to cool off. It makes me think of sad times; of death and sorrow that were assuaged by hugs, tears, and happy memories over a chocolate cake. It makes me think of the happy times; hot chocolate and decorating the Christmas tree and the chocolate pie I would bring to family events.

Chocolate also makes me think of different women who have effected my life since they all have their own similarities to chocolate. Some were silky sweet like milk chocolate. Others were bitter like bakers chocolate. Others carried with them shadows and darkness but the capacity for great kindness, just as dark chocolate is slightly smoky and at the same time rich and sweet.

The picture I have chosen to represent chocolate is of a tiny chocolate cake I made out of scraps from a birthday cake for a friend. It is chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling. It was very tasty.

Don't you just LOVE her metaphors between chocolate and women?! Brilliant. What a BEAUTIFUL interpretation of feminine Brandy. You never cease to impress me with your words. Unless you send me a cake that looks like that. But then I would just be greedy and indulgent. Oh wait, it's chocolate -- completely okay.

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection." -- Anais Nin
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