Day 60: The Dancer

Wow!! Already on 60 :) :)

This time, I'm in front of the camera. My character is a dancer in the carnival, but can also read people's future via tattoos (Heroes anyone?). I bought this hat at a vintage store and I am also wearing a vintage slip dress. The pearls on my face are actually a sticker-decor from Hobby Lobby.

My inspiration behind the editing was to give it a slightly desaturated found-this-old-photo at a thrift store feel, but still keeping the darks rich like the photo was actually taken care of, despite its age.

If I had to truly personify this character, I would say she is new to the carnival. She has hesitations, and a little fear, but that doesn't undermine her skill at interpreting the future. She prefers solitude, dancing in an empty room, and loves to wear accessories.

At least that's what my expression feels like...

"God always has another custard pie up His sleeve." --Lynn Redgrave, ace actress
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