Part II: Asking My Bridal Party for their Hand

Eep! I'm sorry it took me a few days to post. I am literally living in a mess because I am selling all of my stuff and will be leaving Atlanta in 3 weeks! Pack, pack, packing. Lately I've had to do some research on hair salons in Houston (where I'm getting married), so I didn't have time to post. Any recommendations?

Back to my bridal party project. After creating their criminal profiles, I knew I couldn't just send them in white envelopes. I wanted to REALLY freak them out. So I searched ebay for "top secret" envelopes, and lo and behold! I found a pack of 12! So I purchased them and loved them when I got them:

Then I thought, I can't just stick their criminal profile without a letter of explanation. And here folks, with Jose's collaboration, is the letter they received:

It read:

Agent ______,

You have been contacted because you possess a unique set of skills, which cannot be matched by any of your colleagues. We have reason to believe that an organization known as BOOM! Thunder Pants (alias: The Groom’s Men) has embarked on a mission to gather the nation’s most wanted criminals on May 23, 2010 in the city of Houston, TX. Dubbed ‘Project Maravilla,’ it appears that if allowed to succeed, BOOM! Thunder Pants will obtain a device capable of eliminating all adversaries. Thereby, claiming victory.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it –

Utilize your abilities to intercept BOOM! Thunder Pants' movements and prevent them from successfully achieving their mission. You will not be alone. You will be provided a team of experts, who share skills complimentary to yours. Together, you will be known as Femme Fatale (alias: The Bridesmaids). While your skills are unparalleled, your skills alone will not be enough to put a stop to BOOM! Thunder Pants. It is crucial that you understand and utilize the skills of your teammates if you hope to be successful. Details will be forthcoming on the movements of BOOM! Thunder Pants and the rules of engagement concerning each mission. Be cautious not to compromise your identity or the identity of your teammates. If compromised, we will be forced to deny all knowledge of your existence and ‘Project Maravilla.’ It may be useful, however, to acquire the identities and talents of the members of BOOM! Thunder Pants. Such information may assist in the success of your mission.

To accept your mission, use the initials of your full name to create a passphrase. Type this on your Facebook status on the day of December 17th, no later than midnight. Keep in mind, once you embark on this journey, there is no going back and you will only be relieved of duty at the completion of your mission – success or failure. Upon your acknowledgment, you will be provided with more detailed information on your team and your mission. We have chosen you because we have faith in your abilities. We know you won’t let us down. Good luck and God Speed.

– Agents Vidal

Destroy after reading…


Hahah. The best part is that they had no idea WHO was a part of the bridal party and they would have to work together to figure out their opposing team. Our goal (Jose & I) was to have our bridal party work together, get to know each other before the wedding, and have a sense of "comradeship" instead of meeting each other for the first time the day of the wedding and feeling awkward. The girls received note that BOOM! Thunderpants wanted to claim victory and the guys received the same letter, but that Femme Fatale was working against them. What was (and still is) SO funny is that 2 of the agents are MARRIED. And they are by far the most competitive and some of the best players on their respective team. They push their own team to complete the missions because they live with each other and know when one is in the lead.

I typed them up in photoshop to look like a typewriter font and packaged them:

Then I took my save the dates

and claimed them as "evidence" that this "Project Maravilla" was happening on May 23rd.

Crazy, huh?! Jose and I were anxiously waiting for them to receive it in the mail. I was so excited!

For Part III, I am going to share some of the missions our agents were instructed to complete. Hope you enjoyed it so far ;) If you're interested in sharing, feel free to contact me and I can send you the hi-res images! I'd love to hear what your thoughts are and if any brides are doing something different as well.

p.s. Jasmine (my fiance's sister) received one of these and her mom told me she almost threw it out because she thought it was "junk mail." Haha. What would you have done if you received a package that said "Top Secret" and addressed to Agent __Your Last Name__?