Make up & Random rambles

This weekend (and make-up talk): I'm SO freakin' sore!! Haha. It will make sense in a second.

The wedding shower was definitely a success! Everyone was so friendly and the woman in charge of decorating, Carol, reads my blog and picked up on SO many details. She had vintage handkerchiefs, birdcages (one was 99 years old!), brooches, red petals, a hat box with a very cute vintage hat, and a money tree decorated with feathers and jewelry pieces!! Let's just say I felt the LOVE.

It was really funny because Jose's dad's family (who is from Mexico) came down to the shower too and a majority of them only speak Spanish, and some of them started talking in Spanish to Jose and they thought I had no clue what was going on. Then Jose turned to me and I translated, and when I told them "thank you for coming" in Spanish, I could see their eyes light up, in a sort of "Wait! She actually said that.. in Spanish.. correctly!" However, I had met a lot of them a year ago and they knew I spoke Spanish. I loved chatting with them because they remind me so much of my own family.

Prior to the shower, we hung out with the family and were able to relax. That is... until Saturday night. Jasmine (Jose's sister) owns P90X. Okay, I have heard a lot of things about this and was really curious to try it out. She invited us to do it with her, and since we had nothing else to do -- we thought "sure!" The session was "legs and back" and we cleared some room in the small entertainment room at the front of the house. Half-way through I was boosted with energy and could feel my muscles ache. At one point I felt like my calves were chunks of silicone rubbing against my bone. We ended it with the Ab Ripper and woooo -- definitely did some ripping!! There was a point where one of us was doing something silly and we started to laugh, followed immediately by "OWWW, stop making me laugh!! (more laughter then more wincing)."

However, I didn't expect to be in SO MUCH PAIN LAST NIGHT! I always knew that you don't feel the actual soreness until the 2nd day. TRUE! We did it Saturday night, but I could already feel it last night driving back from Alabama. Getting out of the car was painful, going up the stairs was painful, and last night when I was rolling over, I would wake up from the sore pain. What an incredible program! His sister let us have that CD since she had an extra. Her dad does the p90x too and their parents had a great time poking fun :) Jose is really excited about doing chest work and I think he is really going to see some results because he has so much potential! I'll keep you posted on how that works out!

MAKE UP! Tonight I have my first make up trial. My make-up artist is a really great friend and an amazing make-up artist! I feel soo incredibly lucky to have her as my make-up artist, especially considering how popular she is in the make-up blog world. Even my friend from Dallas knew her via youtube! Apparently people on the street (here in Atlanta) stop her and recognize her, haha. If you want to check out her work, she has some REALLY great tutorials that she'll walk you through at Make-up By Ren Ren.

I wanted to share some looks that I have found online (no sources because I had them saved -- sorry!), including looks that Ren has done on another bride AND herself. Here was my thought process:

I've always been a fan of the smokey-eyes look:

Definitely giving it a "Spanish" look:

And I thought "Hey, the groom's men are wearing gray so maybe incorporate THAT color?!" Because I obviously won't incorporate red (not even the lipstick -- Jose hates red lipstick) -- and teal would be difficult too. So... maybe gray!? Here is Ren sporting it:

Then I saw the tutorial she did on this bride and like how much more "day-time" it looks:

If you look at my make-up, I have TONS of pinks, plums, and burgundy. I love pink. But I still want it to look smokey, yet be appropriate for the DAY. Ya know?

And then I saw these and fell in love. I think we're on to something!!

I am LOVING the combination of plum, with perhaps a bit of gray/silver, and rich lashes!

I sent these looks to Ren and I'm really excited to see what we can come up with tonight. What do you think? :)