Asking my bridal party for their hand: PART I

Sooo, you know, being the detailed planner that I am, I wanted to do something special in asking my bridal party for "their hand" (i.e. to be part of my bridal party).

Before I go any further, for people who think "what the heck? I didn't know that was such a big deal" -- take a deep breath. This was my desire and nothing that is expected from anybody. You can simply ask your friends face-to-face. I just happen to like doing ridiculous stuff like that. That's me :)

Ideas I heard about online:

-Message in fortune cookies
-Make a puzzle that reveals the question (I liked this one)
-Make a mini-scrapbook (noooo thanks!)
-Make a card

I heard this one on wedding bee and thought it was hilarious:

"I bought my bridesmaids a headband, attached a note that said "will you head down the aisle with me?" and included a personal note about how honored I'd be if they accepted and how much they mean to me.

I also asked them to take a picture with the headband on and email it to me to "accept" my invitation. I then put them on my wedding website for the bridal party.

My original thought was to say "will you help me keep my head on straight?" :)"


Anyway, you can see how you can take it simple, or you can really get creative with it. I wanted to get creative with it, BUT involve the guys too. That means nothing girly.

One day on a photographer's website, she posted pictures of this "top secret" package she received from one of her clients. It basically asked her to "document" their wedding "undercover." They were playing off of the idea that photographers want to go "unnoticed" to capture little details. GENIUS!

I took it a step further. But that will be saved for part II (or three? ;). Before I reveal the rest of my idea, I'll tell you where I started. I knew I wanted them to be joined in forces: guys against girls. BOOM! Thunderpants vs. Femme Fatale. This was war. My first step was to send them a secret package in the mail WITH a criminal file OF themselves. I found a template on DeviantArt and, dear readers, these are your suspects:

The brother..

The groom's close friend & fraternity "big brother"

Groom's sister and my partner in crime :)

The groom's close friend & life advisor ;)

College friend and aid in hooking Jose & Alejandra up

Cousin and one of my maids of honor

Bestfriend and other maid of honor

Close friend and college roommate

Groom's close friend

Groom's cousin, best man, and childhood bestfriend

Obviously, I created the content for the girls and Jose for the boys. If you are REALLY interested in getting this template (and have photoshop), just e-mail me. I can't find the Deviant Art link and don't want to spend 30 minutes looking for it if it's unnecessary.

Stay tuned for part II!! :)