Groom's Goodies & Random Thoughts

Maaaan, I love really great fabrics. I think this groom really nailed the whole "barn-Americana-retro" look.

By the way, during lunch I will finish working on the Save-the-Date tutorial. I have 1/3 of the draft typed out and can hopefully have it done by later today.

I don't want to open a can of worms (and I may hear a can opening right now...), but I keep chewing on the idea of the lack of diversity in the wedding blog world. I talked to my fiance about it yesterday and told him how an interracial couple was featured on A Practical Wedding and that there was a HUGE response of "finally!" or "yay!"

Now mind you, I am not here to discuss the "race" aspect (yet) -- but more of the business aspect. You know what gets you featured on the "big" wedding blogs? Your photography. You can have amazing little details, DIY, gorgeous dress, etc. -- but if your photography stinks, it will not represent your wedding well. Same with simple weddings -- you can have VERY little but gorgeously captured details -- and BAM! You are on. Obviously, the more unique (and more personalized details) -- the more likely you'll get featured. But that photography needs to be on point!

Speaking directly about the lack of African American/mixed couples featured on wedding blogs -- is it because there is less interest placed in photography? Because the bride can only do so much -- the photographer is the one "submitting" to these wedding blogs. Or are they submitting but not being published? I completely understand the disappointment because you can't necessarily "relate" to everything. I'm Latina and I'm not exactly represented either, BUT I have a "design" and "photography" mentality, so I relate more on the design rather than the personal aspect. Even then though, it's overwhelming because everything is so "perfect" and "ruffled" and "soft" and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

I wish I could hear everyone's opinion and thoughts -- but I have a feeling it might be too sensitive? What do you think? Cause seriously.... consider the photography business that is pretty much "directing/driving" the wedding blog world/business.