The Day of Love

It's almost midnight, so it's not entirely presumptuous to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day :) If you don't have someone to share this day with you, then take a friend out for lunch or spoil YOURSELF for the day! If you do have someone -- don't take them for granted.

So anyway, while I was working on my 100 Day Project, I ended up snapping this picture of my fiance:

Now, honestly, I have no idea what he was laughing at. The even funnier thing is that I'm almost 95% sure he made HIMSELF laugh. Oh no friends, I am not THAT funny. I'm very similar to him in that I laugh very hard at my own jokes. Like I tell Jose "if no one else is enjoying them, I might as well!"

We went to shop for our wedding bands today and GOODNESS the men's bands are more expensive than we thought. We also (finally) registered at Bed Bath & Beyond. I felt like a 4 year old with her parents. My feet were tired, I was hungry, and I lost interest in all items at the store once the 2 hour mark hit. I was ready to go! And the worst part is that we were not prepared for this whole registry thing. We picked out our fine china and kitchen items, but that's pretty much it. We don't know WHERE we're going to be living yet so it's not like we can pick out bedroom stuff. Fortunately Jose cares about decor like I do so it makes sense to find out what our home/apartment will look like first, pick a color scheme, then decide on the stuff to fill our house with. Granted, we love to cook (and eat!) so we knew we needed the essentials for the kitchen.

Since we need to send out the invitations soon and can't really register for much, do you think it is inappropriate to write "Due to relocation, we are also accepting gift cards from Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and ___ (wal-mart?)" Is that a big no no? Cause I mean, seriously -- I would have LOVED to give one of my wedding friends a gift card. Sometimes you can't afford a $60 toilet paper dispenser BUT two of their friends could each get them a $30 gift card and the couple can get that item on their own! Plus, I'm already having to drive to Texas with my stuff...

Honestly, I don't really expect gifts from too many guests since they're having to travel and our family is already pitching in to help us with the wedding. I think a gift card is a nice alternative for a less expensive gift.

What do you think? Do you have any recommendations for stores I should suggest?