Day 18: Motherhood

Yikes!! I'm running a bit late today. I got out of salsa practice really late, had to eat dinner and shower, so I'm just now getting to my computer!

Since I am not a mother, I don't exactly walk across my living room and accidentally step on a lego. Though while on my walk around the neighborhood this week, I came across two pieces of evidence of children living in this home. At first I thought it would be pretty obvious when you walk by someone's yard whether they have kids -- but that's not always the case. This time, luckily, it was (and I wonder why they would think I'm a stalker).

OK, so the red balloon isn't an exact indicator of "children" living there (could have just been a great party!), but the little scooter is. And motherhood simply cannot be turned masculine. Period. Thus, it is more feminine than most of the elements I come across on a day to day basis. I know it is in my blood to be a mother because I've always been so naturally nurturing. When I was 7, I used to want one of those toy babies that peed. YES. I. did. I had the stroller, the clothes for her, and fake food. I just... needed her to pee! I figured that would make her almost real. Not so much for the pooping.

I'm not a mother... yet, so these are my current images. BUT, this will not be the last time I interpret "motherhood" -- maybe if certain mothers out there *cough*Sonja&Chelsea*cough* would like to send an image that represents motherhood, I can feature them ;)

Yes, I photograph babies often, but I won't cheat and use and old one. Though I'm quite tempted...

"I've got little feet because nothing grows in the shade." -Dolly Parton, shapely singer

shapely singer?! That's what the calendar says...

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