The 100 Day Challenge

I may (or may not) regret this later. We'll see :)

100 days from now will be May 17th. Is that right? Well, in case you don't know... I am getting married on May 23rd. And here I am, taking on a 100 day project that will end 6 days before my wedding.

SO, I will put this disclaimer: not all photos will be mine. This is going to be a community collaboration. My goal for the next 100 days *deep breath* is to post ONE (or more) photo(s) EVERY day for the next 100 days.


But. These photos will not just be "any" photos. They have a theme! I am going to give you a quote from my calendar called "Wild Things Women Say." One night in bed, I realized I had not been ripping the days off, and sat against my pillow catching up from January 2nd to the end of the month. As I read through the quotes, I thought they were hilarious and that's when it hit me.

I want to interpret the word "feminine." Do not confuse this with "feminism." We all have our own interpretations of what is or isn't feminine to us. Wouldn't it be so interesting to see what someone sees as feminine? Well, it is to me! For the next 100 days you will not only be seeing MY photos, but photos from other individuals around the world (pros & enthusiasts) with THEIR interpretation of what THEY find as "feminine."

Second disclaimer: You will see that some photos are abstract, some will be obvious, some will be creative, some will not. Bear with me. Taking these take me sometimes an entire hour, so I may not always provide you with something... mind blowing (not that my good ones are even that, haha, but ya never know!). However, I will always pair the photo up with a quote from "Wild Things Women Say" and those are usually very entertaining ;) So if you don't visit for the photo, you can visit for the quote (jerk!).

ULTIMATELY, my goal is to open up comments, thoughts, opinions, and dialogue on what different people think "feminine" is. You may relate more with others than me, or vice versa. We'll see.

Are you ready for the first one?

"Most women dress as if they had been a mouse in a previous reincarnation, or hope to be one in the next." - Edith Sitwell, female trouble.

My neck and collar bone. I feel these parts of our bodies are so feminine. Similar to a bare back, sometimes I think a bare shoulder can be more sexy than a bare stomach. Whether they are decorated with jewelry or simply bare, they definitely represent something very delicate and feminine to me. But those are my thoughts. What are yours?

To submit your photo, send a short description (up to 4 sentences) of your interpretation and 2 sentences about you :) to -- DO IT!! Point & Shoot, SLR, iphone, camera cellphone -- I want it! I'm not looking for technical quality, I just want your interpretation -- a look into your eyes.