Revealing.... My Photographer :)

As you all may (or may not) know, I am an "aspiring" full-time photographer. Technically, I do have my own website and consider myself a professional, but I will keep "aspiring" until the day I can claim it full time. My journey has been by far incredible so far, but there's so, sooo much I am still learning and am anxious to understand! I'm obsessed with photography. No, seriously... obsessed. I also look at it every day. I promise I look at at least one photography blog per day.

SO, you can imagine the intensity of the decision in picking my freaking wedding photographer!!! Her/his work must be something quite stunning! And... her work is. Meet my photographer...

Alejandra, there are millions of breathtaking photographers. Why Raya? I chose Raya because as SOON as I saw her work, our styles just clicked. Yes, there is talent just flooding the gates, but each have their own unique flair. To me, Raya has a style that resonated deeply with me. Not only that, she focuses and appreciates so many details -- and for a bride that is driving herself nuts with details, this is very important!

Raya's work has a feeling of... romantic nostalgia. I mean, take this last image I posted, for instance. Was the bride walking downstairs to position herself before going down the isle? Was she about to see her soon-to-be husband for their first look?! And did you notice how the bride is walking into a flood of light? MAGICAL!

My point is that I am that obsessed with photography that these images, though not my own, make my heart race. And can you imagine how I will feel when I am in that image?! Eeeeep!! I get this crazy, shaky, excited feeling just thinking about it!!

I did a lot of searching and a lot of praying. I found Raya through I heart faces, the month that Jose said we had to choose our photographer because I was incredibly unsettled with the options I had seen so far (considering their work AND price). I kid you not -- I saw her work on a Saturday night and flipped out. I said "JOSE!! She's the one!! [PAUSE] Oh crap, she's in California." Mind you, I HAPPENED to come across her on I heart faces. I wasn't on the prowl that night and I honestly hadn't been looking at the guest judge's websites before. Jose, knowing how important photography is to me, also reminded me that we could not push our budget.

Well -- this was God's gift. He skipped the registry. Not only did Raya fall in our budget, but she was so excited about our wedding AND is coming to our rehearsal too! Once we confirmed her, I danced in the halls at work and told my co-workers and showed them the pictures.

Pretty ridiculous... photography makes me so happy. Are there any photographers that give you chills? Who would your dream photographer be? Aside from Jose Villa? ;)

"Photographers may or may not make a living by photography, but they are alive by it." - Robert Adams