Promised good to me

02-09-09. Ugh. Expired.

Raspberry vinaigrette, sundried tomato basil .... I can't believe I forgot. I forgot to bring my salad dressing, and now I'm resorted to "borrowing" some dressing from our office fridge. Believe me, I didn't need much (my main course being left over pizza) so I didn't feel too guilty. It didn't matter -- they were all expired!

I open up my little plastic ---errr-- Jose's plastic container (he lends them to me and I have collected about 4 in my house he's not too happy about) and see my slightly mushy salad.

He already put the dressing.

Jose and I had dinner at his house last night with some salad. We love our salads. We buy walnuts, croutons, tomato, onion (for him -- I hate it), and even cranberries. Plus, it justifies our buffalo-chicken pizza. He let me have the left overs for my lunch the next day, claiming he doesn't really like the pizza that much anyway and we split the left over salad into 2 mini containers.

I ended up forgetting my "lunch" at his house and this morning a delivery man shows up who oddly resembles my fiance. I get a phone call to come outside and I am greeted by a 6'2 hunk of a man with two plastic containers. One holding some pizza and the other holding some salad. There was also a GPS on top because I had also forgotten to take that back with me.

This man, whose eyes resemble those of a smiling Asian, tries to charge me ten dollars, but we both know he could never take my money. Plus, the meal itself was less than 10 bucks! I kiss this man and run upstairs to finish getting ready.

02-09-09. Ugh. Expired. I shut the fridge door, hopeless. I consider eating it without dressing, but I've never been able to eat salad like that... naked. I shake the container, open it, and decide to look at the salad as though an idea may formulate upon seeing our glorious-green-creation.

He already put the dressing.

There was no love note inside the plastic container, no surprise dessert, nor a hidden photo of us in my lunch bag. He just put dressing on my lunch salad.

That alone made me swell up with gratefulness (kind of like the blueberry boy in Willy Wonka). It's really quite retarded, but this gratitude is hard to explain easily. I won't go into details, but growing up without a father figure makes little acts of "I got you covered" feel so incredible. Especially from the man I'll be spending my life with.

"The Lord has promised good to me.
His word my hope secures.
He will my shield and portion be,
As long as life endures."

The Lord has promised good to me -- and I see it. Sometimes even in a salad. So thank you love. I may be better at pointing out what you don't do, and for that I'm sorry. I'm also sorry that I picked out this photo and you may dislike it -- but sometimes you win some and sometimes ya lose some :) Thank you my delivery man. For delivering to my heart more than a pizza and mushy salad :) Getting to marry you is such a blessing...