For that Diva Flowergirl

There's a new diva in this wedding, and her name is Alyssa. Alyssa Valdez. She is my flower girl! (My little cousin Isabella will be joining her... but she is a wee-bit little thing :)

However, this girl is up to par with fashion, which means she wants to sport a cute hair piece for the wedding! And you know how much I love hair pieces (and her) -- so I dedicated this post to you cutie!! I miss you!

This is not just for kids/flower girls... remember that a best way to create a unique outfit (and save money) is to pick a solid colored dress/skirt, with a ruffled top, and then you can really add that UMPH with a hair piece. Don't spend hundreds on the outfit! Splurge a little on the hair piece/accessories. That will be more memorable (unless you just find THAT deal for THAT top/dress/skirt -- then ok you win ;)

But guess what? ALL of these are under $25 YEP! We are all on a budget, right? So let's begin...

This has a cute whimsical look to it... and I like the clusters


I love the texture on these and the brightness of the blue. Not quite "teal," but close (and cute) enough!


Now bear with me on this next one. Imagine it WITHOUT the feathers (the white vine is on the wall). The 3 clustered flowers would look SO good with an up do. Think: messy curls pinned up with some falling strands. Romantic!

Via Starzselection

Can never go wrong with peacock feathers (splash of teal!)

Huge hair flower... but how cute does it look on her?!?


Via Pinkpeppermintdesign

This one is a STEAL! I am starting to really get into the whole bohemian headbands. I have seen some really OVER priced ones on Etsy.. but this seller has SO many cute ones at such reasonable prices! Seriously... take advantage of it!


I really, really love these. They have that anthropologie feel don't they? Imagine 2 in red and one in that same teal with that same center stone... :)


And last... what do you think about this idea. WHAT IF I attached a little bit of veil fabric to her hair piece to represent a tiny-teeny-mini-birdcage veil?! This is the best example I could find:

via VelvetOwl

Now remember, the hair piece wouldn't necessarily be in white and it's NOT going over her face.... it's just a "hint" of it. Don't freak out, she won't look like a bride. I dunno, it's kind of crazy but I just think it would be SO stinkin' cute to see the flower girl walking down with something like that.

Am I crazy? Wait, let me rephrase that. Is that a crazy thought? I want to hear your thoughts!! Even if you think that's a dumb idea. I'm just curious :)

I'll be posting the wedding cake story later or this weekend!