Cause I love pretty pictures

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I have some fun stuff to post for the upcoming weeks!!

1) My horrible wedding cake experience

2) MY SAVE THE DATES! I know not many of my friends have photoshop, but in case anyone out there does -- I'm actually going to tell you EXACTLY how I made mine! This way, if you have photoshop... you can experiment with what I did and make your own invites (for babyshowers, parties, birthdays, weddings, etc.).

3) Groom goodies

4) CONVINCE my fiance to be a guest blogger (yeaaaa!!! ;)

But in the mean time... take a break with some of these links!

+ There are 2 looks I am "collecting" for a surprise (you will find out eventually). This one and this one.. now, to find the clothes at a thrift store or make a modern twist with my own..

+ DIY snowglobes!! via Creative Odds n' Ends

+On second thought, screw the cake and let's bring these!

+What are your thoughts on splits? I just don't look very good in them, but others pull it off... do you?

+You're not going to believe this... after much consideration, I am HONESTLY going to attempt making one of these. And YES, you will be updated on my progress. I already have some "beginning the ridiculous project" pictures!

+Speaking of DIY -- how about a simple bow? What if I attached a clip and made my ring bearer's bow tie like this?

+Then I could use the fabric I am obsessed with!!

+Now this is a gorgeous alternative to wedding hair pieces. Stunning!

+Interesting read... what if you didn't love your wedding? Would you admit it?

+Or "You'll seeeee" via A Practical Wedding

+Ok, this was WAY more fun than I expected. This Freud like character asks you 4 q's, jots his notes, and reveals your "type." Apparently I am "architype" which was a font I did not like and don't think reflects me. But it was still fun -- I laughed at the "discipline" question. What is your type? Via How About Orange

Going on a date tonight with Jose! We're going ice skating at Centennial Park. I'm pretty bad at it, so I hope I don't come back with too many bruises on my butt :)