Babies: Sophia Alago

So let's play catch up and rewind to December. I told you I had some catching up to do! Let's start here....

I walked into their bright apartment and immediately could see why Aimie is referred to as creative. Her bedroom walls painted my favorite color (teal), the baby's room perfectly coordinated in shades of orange, and her love of photography displayed proudly in her home that Aimie herself photographed. Her husband, Jorge, was very attentive to the session "Aimie! You're blocking her light." I laughed and immediately felt their welcome.

Don't put your camera down.

That is what my fiance would say, so I repeated these words in my head. You can see my predicament in wanting to hold Sophia, Aimie and Jorge's beautiful baby girl, when you see the pictures. I knew if I put my camera down, I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I just wanted to hug her, hold her, and make her laugh. Oh wait, I'm supposed to take pictures.

Thank you Aimie, Jorge, and Sophia. I am not just "saying" this -- y'all are a beautiful family and the cutest couple! I am blessed to have met y'all before leaving Atlanta and soon -- there will be a special shoot of just Aimie! ;)

I love feet... especially babies'! :)

That smile!!

Playing superman :)

This was back in December so this had a little Christmas spirit..

Like I said... gorgeous!!

Looking quite sneaky!

I love the dress! That fabric!

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