A little sip of goodness

It all started in high school. The sweet, icy taste ran along my tongue to combine caffeine without the carbonation, and a honey-like aftertaste. I'm talking about Sweet Tea. I'm back from Thanksgiving and have had more sweet tea in Alabama visiting my fiance's family then I've consumed when I moved back to Atlanta. Since it's never in my fridge and always at theirs, that's all I ever asked for to accompany my meals. Of course, it was a relaxing, loving, comforting time with the family as it always is. Quite opposite to my family in TX that I miss -- energetic, a little on the loud side, lively, and fast paced. But I love them both for those exact reasons :)

Which is another reason I win in the argument that Texas is not the South!

But anyway... I'm re-energized with TONS of goodies to show you. Goodies that will give your eyes a treat like sweet tea does to my taste buds.

The rest of this loving couple...

A radiant friend of mine...

The cutest little farmer you'll ever see! (ok, not really a farmer, but should be one with all those cute little-man clothes).

A ridiculously cute doggie with his loving, beautiful owner

And finally... oh yes... yet another photoshoot with my fiance's sister

And no... I didn't forget about Alice ;)