An Alice in Wonderland Centerpiece

Halloween has come and gone, but I have not forgotten about your curiosity in the "Alice in Wonderland" series! We will start with the centerpiece that my fiance and I made (and later I will feature the rest of the table + shoot + photobooth!). We wanted it to be interactive, but inexpensive (I was already spending enough on candy and prizes!). Jose & I came up with a marshmallow tree! Perfect for the hot chocolate I would be serving in the tea pots since, after all, it was a Mad Hatter Tea Party ;)

1- Spray paint (found at Michaels)
1- Styrofoam cone (found at Michaels)
1- Set of branches (found at Michaels)
1- Bag of marshmallows
1- Newspaper
1- Large vase
1- Reel of fishing wire
2- sheets of tissue paper

(ignore the frame... that's for my wedding centerpiece ;)

Then you take your large vase, stick some tissue paper at the bottom to support the cone. Place the cone inside the large vase. Then just start sticking the branches from the bottom up! I broke some of them in half to create varying lengths.

Then I added a flower on the very top of the cone. Also, for Halloween enjoyment, I added EDIBLE rocks (chocolates!) that Jasmine bought from Walmart to surround the vase!

Last, and the most tedious, you take some fishing string, tie it around the marshmallow, then tie it to a branch. Repeat 9,10,11,12, .... times!

And viola!
click me to enlarge me!

A Mad Hatter Halloween :) Stay tuned for more of the table decor and other goodies!