I call them butterflies...

So, as I write this, I am preparing to photograph a wedding rehearsal tonight.

What wedding, you ask?

My very, first, EVER wedding with my very first, very OWN client!

I look at wedding photos every single day. Yes, I have photographed weddings as a second shooter (that top picture is from the first one I ever did)... but nothing will compare to tomorrow. I am alone and I have no one to blame but myself (and maybe crappy weather ;). When it comes to photography, I am a sponge. I literally want to soak up EVERY learning experience. I wish I could describe the anxiousness I feel right now. There's so, so much I want to do with photography -- I am serious about this! I want to take workshops, I want to mix up my clients, try different techniques, and better understand my equipment. However, all of this requires time in order to make the best decision.

What if I'm not good at this?! What if I don't enjoy this?!

Ahhhhh, the anticipation is killing me!! I'm SO nervous!

But, I read one of the best quotes from Gene Higa concerning growth: "Be the most responsive to change, be fearless in your approach and be willing to fail."

This area of photography could most definitely be my future. And I could very well have a handful of amazing photos tomorrow, but a big batch of plain ones. But THIS is where you must start. You MUST be willing to put yourself out there. If you keep waiting until in your head you feel a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y prepared, well... you'll never grow! It is with FAILING that you grow. It is with EXPERIENCE that you grow.

I don't know that I am "fearless" with my approach, but I must try. One day I'll get there.

So here I go. I'm holding my breath and making the jump! See you on the other side :)