All about Ale..

So this "My Story in Photos: My Favorite Things" goes out to !!

If it wasn't for that blog, I wouldn't be pushing myself as much to get photos on here other than my clients'. So here it goes!

Of course, I must start with my family. And if you don't already know that I am a Latina, and being Latin means you have a BIG family, well consider yourself informed! My family includes MY side, my fiance, and my fiance's family. I love them!


The fiance: Jose Vidal (by Adam Parker)

We are... um... goofy. That's a good word ;)

My Mom & Brother

My fiance's (or, my other) Family :)
This was actually the FIRST time I met them in 07'!

Dancing Salsa
I love, love, LOVE it!
(that's me captured by my fiance :)


This is me capturing my hilarious fiance's mother taken by his sister

One of my graphic art pieces for my sorority...

Traveling & Culture Learning. LOVE diversity!

Yes, I ate the whole thing... so good!


Following my dream to work with the community

Honduras 2007 -- Co-directed an ESL program

Just a taste of my favorite things... :)