Love my office-mates

So over the past year, my role here (my full time job) has transformed from Research Specialist to Graphic Design. Granted, I still conduct research and focus groups, but I'm mainly focusing on graphic design ... and photography! Which means that I took on 2 supervisors -- one for research and one for graphic design.

Anyway, ever since word got out that I launched my part-time photography business, the office has made good use of it. However, what you don't know is that my office-mates are HILARIOUS. During a picnic a while back, I snapped a picture of Rhonda (our office manager) making an angry face. The picture came out SO intense that I had to make use of it.


Apparently people do not flush the toilet very often around here, so I thought: We need to scare them. So I created this poster, and taped it to the men & women's restroomdoor:

THEN, when I had to do portrait shots of everyone since we're re-designing the website, my supervisor suggested us doing "that face" for a fridge sign. How awesome is she?!

Look at my supervisor's AMAZING gangsta face:

So of course, the accounting assistant joined the fun for his own poster:

And this was the fridge one:

Last is one of my favorites of my supervisor. She hasn't seen this one yet, but I decided to make something special with it. Ironically, my fiance (of all people), found this quote by Audrey Hepburn and thought it represented her very well. She has a passion for humanity and is currently working on a huge project. We (the office) decided to make this a card and write some "thank you's" for her dedicated work.

(click to enlarge. I hate that it looses quality on blogger!)

Kinda looks like a super woman pose, huh?

So those are my office mates -- needless to say it is filled with laughs around here.

P.s. If you have a picture of someone that you think would look GREAT with this quote, just contact me and I will be happy to do it for you at no charge :)