Sneak Peek

Put this

and this

together... and you get an AMAZING shoot! The vintage, fashion shoot I've been waiting for. We trooped out to Dallas, GA in the July heat to Picketts Mill Battlefield Historic Site. The lady at the counter gave us the STRANGEST look when she saw us holding a chair and suitcase. "What do y'all need a chair for?!" Ha. But I have to admit that one of the best moments was struggling with the chair and suitcase (full of clothes & items) hiking through a trail, when suddenly Erika's Mission Impossible ringtone goes off!! It was hilarious.

If you're looking to do a fashion shoot like this for you or your kids -- contact me! I actually created that hair flower piece and can bring some for you! I will be selling them at my online shop which will hopefully be up in the next 2 weeks!!