A quien no le gusta salsa? Me fascina! Lo siento dentro de mi ser :)

I am part of a performance group at the awesome Salsambo studio. Check it out! I feel that in just one year my technique has changed dramatically. I grew up with salsa playing every Sunday night at my house. I would get SO mad because my mom had the music playing really loud, even though I had school the next day! And now, I laugh thinking back on how this music just seeped into my blood and how strongly the beats to salsa music make me ready to jump into the dance floor. Thankfully I have Salsambo to CLEAN UP those moves! Haha.

Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming "Part 2" and you can check out my facebook album for "Part 1" of the double set!

The girls -- minus me :(

My gorgeous friend Lauren!

Those are my instructors on their business card ;)

Stay tuned for a GORGEOUS field photoshoot with the beautiful Erika!