Welcome :)

The beginning of my journey starts HERE.

-deep breath-

After plenty of nights working on this till' about 2 a.m. (with a steaming laptop on my lap) -- I took a huge leap into one of my life's goals: my photography business. Photography makes me SO happy. I love doing it without even thinking about charging people, but it got to the point that I wanted to keep
growing. Growing means: workshops, new equipment, programs, etc. So while my passion is still a hobby, I definitely want to take this to the next level. And since I can't do it without investment, I pushed myself to create a website I am happy with (and did all my own!) to officially offer my services (my love :) to others.

This is the beginning of my journey. I'm really happy about documenting it because I hope that a year or two from now, I can look back at this and see how I've grown. I'm really scared and THIRSTY. I honest to God think people are beautiful and I am OBSESSED with children! That's probably one of my favorites! I can't wait to have my first "newborn" shoot. AHHH that makes me so excited! God has blessed me so far with these opportunities and I have faith that He'll continue to guide me....

What I did not enjoy in creating my site:
burning laptop on lap
sweating profusely from hot laptop
the stupid logo that is "hidden" in my publisher that I don't know how to UNHIDE!
being self conscious of my photography once it was up on my "official" site
how long a lot of little things take

What I enjoyed:
being able to say I did it on my own!
having SOOO much room to play
did I mention how much room I had to play?
pushing myself

Last, I owe a huge thanks to my love who refers to himself as my "agent" -- haha. He expects me to pay him and post tons of photos of him on my site. Haha, just kidding. Kind of. But really -- you're so good to me :)

Alright, here's my heart on your keyboard: Imaginale Design