Ale Vidal is a filmmaker, director, producer and content creator. Her clients range from internationally recognized brands to freelance artists and designers. Ale specializes in capturing the goals, facts and feelings of a brand that cannot be expressed through traditional marketing. There is an ethereal quality to her work that inspires and ignites an emotional connection in its viewers. Ale is not just a CINEMATOGRAPHER, she is an expert storyteller who articulates her clients' ideas and vision through film. The experience she provides is Wholistic and collaborative with a serious focus on Aesthetics and quality.  

Ale Vidal
Ale Vidal


Starbucks + Google

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Flora Apothecary




"In working with large established brands, it’s always challenging to balance the human connection and emotional impact with the perception most have of these larger companies.

We brought Ale in to help us craft more intimate experiences and to grasp/engage our audience with emotion and creative depth. Ale has an exquisite eye for the details that make all the difference in telling an emotional and impactful story. Her work elevated several of our projects by weaving a narrative that worked hand in hand with our strategic objectives."

Kristina Wood, Mindspace Agency

Ale is a visionary. Her creativity is astounding and priceless. She sees the heart and soul of a project and brings forth it's light to the fullest. Working with Ale not only helped inspire me and defined my brand, but also created an essence and persona that will carry on with the brand forever.

Nikki Wangler, Flora Apothecary


I absolutely love working with Alejandra Vidal. She is not only a sweet person but amazingly creative, and intuitive. I can share with her an idea or vision and trust her to create it better than I could have imagined. Her branding videos have made such a big impact on my photography and life mentoring business translating into the right clients and more of them! I couldn’t be more pleased!

Phyllis Lane


"Ale can capture emotion and beauty like no other cinematographer I know. Her perspective and vision bring the best out in her team and clients."

Alex Evjen, Fashion Stylist & Art Director

Ale Vidal