Mentorship by Ale Vidal

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A high-intensive learning experience in Phoenix, Arizona that incorporates lessons on video, storytelling, and the art of direction. 

The experience



An 8-hour customized, high-intensive learning experience in Phoenix, Arizona that incorporates lessons on video, storytelling, and the art of direction. Before your arrival, you will receive homework that dives into brand identity and story messaging - a form that will serve as a template to send to your future clients in the development of their film (what Ale personally uses for her clients). The in-person training will be a day filled with Ale’s creative process - from storyboarding a concept with a client, creating a shot list specifically for video, camera settings, hands-on filming, hands-on directing, and her method for creating emotion through visuals and subject direction. A full and honest review of attendee's work, and a heartfelt, push-the-boundaries conversation full of Q&A's about this business. This experience is dedicated to the art of creating beauty and emotion in video while discovering the process of finding your own personal creative flow within that medium. Get ready for a day of exploration, wild imagination, and a personal growth in your art.

Directing for emotion

The Playground and the Muse

Welcome to the Creative Playground. During your mentorship day you will receive hand-on instruction from Ale during a video shoot.

We design a client inquiry for you based off of your homework answers. Ale walks you through handling the inquiry to how you would create the production. You will then be introduced to our muse who will play the role of your client - who you will direct around scenes that we have prepared. The scenes are stages that have been prepared to foster exploration and experimentation. You will find all of the tools that you need to create captivating, visceral film.

This is your time to play in an ideal environment. This will show you what you are capable of creating and teach you what tools you need to direct and create scenes for your business.


a glimpse at the day

The day is sectioned into three parts


Homework review
Core Values overview
Storyboarding for emotion through Pinterest
Creating a shot list with intention
Camera settings overview
Equipment / Q&A

Afternoon - Filming
Hands on filming
Hands on directing
Character exploration
After filming we’ll take a little break to decompress, have some snacks before we launch into post.

Afternoon - Post Production
Post production overview (organizing, culling footage, etc.)
Music selection
Essential story elements


This mentorship is designed for videographers who are longing to replenish their creative energy....who want to show up on set and know what shots they need. Who want to not be overwhelmed after a shoot with tons of shots and no direction for their story...


Overall the mentorship exceeded my expectations. The fact that Ale took the time to put together a dream client from the "inquiry" to the "email responses" and to the scenes for video was amazing. It truly allowed me to envision what we could create and bring more depth/meaning to the videos I worked on after I arrived back home. Everyone was so warm, inviting, and kind that it was easy to feel at ease even while trying to battle uncertainty in my craft while learning and growing.
- Hannah Robinson Films
I am so grateful for your incredibly open and kind heart. You and Emily went above and beyond for me. I felt so special, seen, and heard. It was exactly what I needed and I can't wait to see what will come after this experience. The things you shared with me are going to transform far more than my creative process. I hope you know this experience will mark my life!
- Lucy Krodell Films


6 hours of instruction
breakfast, lunch provided
Go over mentee's business, direction, target market, etc
How to prepare for a shoot, creating a plan, vision board, etc
Hands-on video shoot in creative playground with our muse
Post production organization

Total cost $4,000

a note from ale


Alejandra Vidal


By submitting this form, you are agreeing to book your spot for $4000 with a deposit of $2000 that is due upon receiving an invoice.

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